Learn to draw a beautiful swordfish with easy, step-by-step drawing ideas and a tutorial. Now
you can easily create a magnificent edge drawing. The swordfish can reach almost 15 feet and
weigh more than 1,400 pounds (635 kilograms). Surprisingly, babies are microscopic, but their
swordfish is visible shortly after hatching!
Does the swordfish use your sword? Although it does not fight with other species or does not
throw its meals as illustrated in the animation, it stuns its prey, the smallest fish, sleeping their
heads below, hitting them with their invoice swordfish. Do you want to draw a swordfish
jumping from the cartoon? These easy turn cartoons, this step-through is there to show you how.
All you need is a pencil, a draft, and a sheet of paper.
Drawing a swordfish

Step 1:
Start describing the swordfish. Use two curved lines to draw a tear form, pointing at one end but
with one opening to the other. It represents the body and tail. Extend a couple of lines from the
opening that meet at an animated point. It is the jaw or the upper swordfish.
Step 2:
Draw the pectoral fins. Extend two pairs of curved lines, allowing each pair to meet at one point.
Step 3:
Draw the dorsal fin. Spread two curved lines, one from the director and one from the center of
the back. Let them be at one pinpoint.
Step 4:
Draw the tail or caudal fins. Draw a “C” line at the tip of the tail. Draw another line in the form
of a “C” just up, further from the tail. Let the lines be at the points with tips.
Step 5:
Draw the eye. First, sketch a curved line around the act of the face. Up, turn on the eye using an
inverted “u” line—Ombre a quarter of a circle in the area to form the student. Draw a curved line
on the eye to indicate the eyebrow.
Step 6:
Draw the open mouth of the fish. Draw a curved line on the basis of the swordfish and a “U” –
shaped line below. Draw a curved line of the “u” arc on the corner of the mouth. In the corner of
the mouth, use three lines to draw a rectangular form partial curve.
Step 7:
Delete the lines that overlap with their mouths. Then draw the gills with two curved lines. Draw
a curved line under the dorsal fin on the tip of the tail to indicate the belly of the fish.
Step 8:
Draw anal fins. Extend a couple of curved lines on each side of the belly at the base of the tail.
Let each pair meet at a brilliant point.
Step 9:
Bandle of the dorsal fin with curved lines.
Step 10:
Color your cartoon swordfish. These fish are often gray or bluish at the top and white or cream
below. They can also have blue marks on their fins and their sides.

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