Blood is an important humor inside the body that circulates throughout the body round the clock and never stops doing that. During each cycle, its major concerns are three crucial tasks; transportation, protection and regulation. Thereby, it maintains the blood’s normal pH and maintains the optimum body conditions. Otherwise, any failure can impact most of the body activities, causing many blood related disorders and multiple organ failure. Therefore, it is necessary to purify the blood to avoid obstacles in its normal functioning. We have many natural blood purifier herbs along with artificial
methods of blood purification.  Here, in this article we will let you know why and when you need blood purification and how you could do it by using natural blood cleansing herbs. Let’s start!

Blood Purification

Our bodily organs work systematically and perform individual and combined tasks. However, they produce several toxins either as a waste material or by product and pour it into the blood supply. That’s how our blood becomes impure. To regulate the blood’s pH we need to detoxify these toxins at any cost. We call this process of detoxification as blood purification.

Natural \ In-build System to remove Toxins in Blood

Our body usually depends on our natural detoxification system that clears blood from toxins continuously and never let them alter the blood’s pH. Once the blood’s pH will change, it automatically leads a person towards death shore.

a. Homeostasis Processes

Usually our blood performs osmoregulatory and thermoregulatory activities and gives all the waste products to nephrons in the kidney where all the waste materials are processed. Then, they are eliminated with urine.

b. Leukocytes for Defense

Second, our blood contains leukocytes (WBCs) that never allow any foreign entity to enter in the bloodstream easily and if it happens, they fight with them and teach them a good lesson.

Artificial Blood Purification Methods

An ailment usually signifies the abnormality or failure of any organ or set of organs. These organs not only stop performing their normal body functions, but they also secrete harmful substances in the blood making it impure. For example during kidney problems, the nitrogenous waste in the blood increases. The presence of urea in blood for a long time can be an invitation to death. 

Therefore, healthcare personals practice several artificial blood purification methods to cover up the multiple organ failure. These might include filtration, dialysis, absorption and a combination of these techniques.

Amazing Natural Blood Purifier Herbs

Although we have techniques to get the blood purification job done intermittently in specialized machines. However, they are not a priority when we consider the cost of these mechanisms. They can be a burden on an average person. However, we have cost-effective and natural blood purifier herbs to do the same job for us. 
Nonetheless, these natural blood purifiers take time to rinse off all the impurities from the blood but they actually give satisfactory results. That’s why they have held a considerable place in Unani Tib for a long time. Here we have five natural blood purifier herbs for you that are suitable for all, offering their therapeutic effects equally. 

i. Grapefruit
ii. Basil
iii. Garlic
iv. Coffee
v. Green tea


It is a yellow coloured, healthiest citrus fruit with an unusual bitter taste. The special thing about grapefruit is, it is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Therefore, eating grapefruit can impact your body’s defense system. It raises up the WBCs in your bloodstream. Moreover, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in the body. Grapefruit also enhances the glutathione level in RBCs which also facilitates blood’s detoxifying process.


We can also get natural blood cleanser benefits from basil. Basil is a holy plant for people related to Hinduism. However, this plant is also very critical for its medicinal and therapeutic effects. It offers anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, falls under the category of natural blood purifier herbs.


This herb is common all over the Asian Kitchens as they use it for flavoring their national and international dishes. However, this might be interesting for you, it can also serve as a blood purifier due to its therapeutic values. Garlic contains Allicin in it and performs antimicrobial properties efficiently.


Although we have miscellaneous concepts about coffee, we can never neglect some of its benefits. Still we do not know why and how coffee does so but it acts as a blood purifier. It is slightly bitter in taste and we prepare its drink via different recipes. It contains caffeine in a reasonable amount. Infact, it is its active component. Drinking 4 cups of coffee diminishes the risk of liver problems that can detoxify the blood in anyway.

Green tea

Green tea is a kind of herbal tea that we can make by boiling herbs with water and some sugar / honey. The herbs for green tea can be lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon and others. On the whole, green tea detoxifies our body and boosts up our immunity.


Blood detoxification is necessary for maintenance of health. Therefore, we have natural blood cleansing herbs that facilitate the natural blood purification system. These are not only but the most effective natural blood purifier herbs. You can easily access them and use them.

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