Linux Web Hosting

Website hosting, also known as hosting, is the act of giving someone or someplace access to storage and computing resources so they can host and maintain one or more websites and related services. A website cannot have an online presence without hosting. Windows hosting and Linux hosting are the two main categories of hosting. Today, we’re going to focus on what Linux hosting means explicitly. Continue reading to the end for more information on this type of hosting.

Linux Hosting

There are many different kinds of operating systems on the market, such as Linux, Windows, and others. Because it is free and provides versatility, options, and customization for users and servers, Linux is one of the more well-liked operating systems among various web hosting companies and internet users. 
Web hosting using a Linux-based server is known as “Linux hosting.” It is an open-source operating system. It allows you to build your website on the Linux operating system. It is the most popular and most widely used because of its low price and affordability, also due to its open source type, where its source code can be edited, altered, or redistributed in commercial as well as non-commercial environments. In the 2000s, Red Hat was the first widely used Linux distribution for web hosting.

Why Use Linux Hosting– Linux Hosting Vs Window Hosting?

Linux hosting is famous for some reason. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why a lot of developers prefer this hosting over window hosting, another type of hosting using the Windows operating system, some of which we have listed below.

  • The latter is built using Microsoft access, such as Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Internet Information Server (IIS). In contrast, the former uses open-source software such as Linux and Apache.
  • With Linux hosting, you can upgrade and add new programs and scripts to your website, which is not always possible with Windows web hosts.
  • Additionally, compared to Windows, the Linux web hosting platform offers more features, which is why many web designers favor it.
  • The former is also cheaper and does not have licensing fees associated with than latter version of hosting.
  • In comparison to Windows servers, Linux servers are renowned for being much more reliable and secure.

Disadvantages of Linux Hosting?

Along with pros come cons. The other half of developers prefer window hosting, that too, for given many reasons, like –

  • Compared to Windows, there are far fewer Linux service providers. Due to this, the seller or provider may decide to charge a high price for Linux hosting.
  • Linux is not entirely as secure as some other options for web hosts. Due to their rarity on this kind of server, quite a few viruses can harm Linux more severely than others. Therefore, Linux hosting might not be the best option if maintaining a virus-free website is important to you which is rather true in a lot of cases.
  • MS-SQL databases like ASP.NET or .NET Core do not use Linux hosting. These are based only on Window hosting.

There are, instead, more such comparisons that you can make, though it only depends on what the user prefers.


Linux is the operating system that web servers use the most frequently.  The more features Linux-based hosting has, the more features web designers are used to seeing. Linux is, therefore, the preferred option unless you have websites that require specialized Windows applications.

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